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Din Tai Fung restaurant in Mall of Emirates -Dubai

Mall of Emirates has recently inaugurated a new level where a new VOX Cinema and many retailers have found a perfectly located place.

Copying the winning formula already used for the old cinema, the new level has plenty of food options just few steps away from the entertainment area where to eat in tranquility while waiting for the screening.

We picked Din Tai Fung because it was the busiest restaurant in the area, thing that usually indicates a good price/quality compromise. The waiting list was quite long and we had to wait around 15/20 minutes to seat but it was worth waiting.

Din Tai Fung Mascottes

Din Tai Fung Mascottes – Very popular among kids

The hostess and the other members of the staff were extraordinarily well trained. Outstanding service, great courtesy and big smiles on everyone’s face. The food came quickly and without mistakes and it tasted great.

No wonders why the restaurant’s first Hong Kong branch was awarded one Michelin star in November 2009 and the second branch got it in December 2010.

We ordered the special salad of the house (with seaweed), Steamed Shrimp & Chicken Shumai, Ja Jian Noodles in Minced Chicken Sauce, Shrimp & Chicken Egg Fried Rice and Shrimp & Chicken Wontons tossed in special sauce.

All very fresh and tasty but don’t forget: you will better taste the food with a Chinese tea!! 

The ordering is easy and hassle free because you have to compile your own order list. Easy, funny and mistake free!!

Special Seaweed Salad

Seaweed Salad – Perfect Starter

Steamed Shrimp & Chicken Shumai

Steamed Shrimp Chicken Shumai – Yummi!!

Ja Jian Noodles in Minced Chicken Sauce

Ja Jian Noodles in Minced Chicken Sauce – Delicious!

Shrimp & Chicken Wontons

Shrimp & Chicken Wontons tossed in special souce

Wonton Noodle Soup

Wanton Noodle Soup