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Rich seafood linguine with saffron sauce recipe

There many ways to prepare a delicious pasta with seafood and other fishy ingredients. You can use mussels and clams or crab meat and shrimp or salmon and other fish meat. The important thing is to combine the ingredients in the best way possible, adding a little sauce to enrich the dish and a nice, personal touch to make it special.

The last weekend I was craving (as usual) for some nice pasta. I had at home some canned crab meat, some caviar (the cheap one you can easily find in supermarkets) and surimi and decided to combine all of them in a rich seafood linguine with saffron sauce with the addition of some already-cleaned shrimps.

The preparation is very easy and takes a little longer than the time to cook the linguine. Just put some olive oil in a hot pan with some garlic and parsley (either fresh or dry). Add the shrimps and let them cook on a medium-high heat. The shrimps are done when they completely change color.

Once the shrimps are cooked, add the crab meat and the surimi you have previously sliced. You do not need to cook them since they are usually pre-cooked and just need to warm them up. During this process you should add some spoons of white whine, that will enhance the dish flavors.

At this point you should have your pasta already boiling and you should add some spoons of the boiling water to the seafood mixture, together with some saffron powder and nutmeg. Stir the seafood well and add some butter or cream to make it creamer.

Do not fry the cream or the butter. You just need to keep them warm to welcome the linguine once ready. You may add some chilly or black pepper if you like and a handful of parmesan (I like cheese on top of seafood but it is up to you).

Once the linguine are ready, dry them and put them in the pan. Mix well and plate them hot. On top of each dish, add a spoon of the cheap caviar you have found in the supermarket and serve to your guests.

Seafood Linguine

The rich seafood linguine with a delicate saffron sauce are a superbly delicious dish

Shrimps Spaghetti with Creamy Ricotta Sauce

The pasta saga today continues with one of my preferred adapted recipe: spaghetti with shrimps and ricotta sauce. I like experimenting new flavor combinations in the kitchen, especially turning well known recipes in lighter versions to be consumed at home without feeling guilty for the extra intake of fats and calories.

Yesterday I have turned the famous Creamy Shrimps Alfredo Pasta into something much lighter but even tastier: Shrimps Pasta with Creamy Ricotta Sauce. It is really easy to prepare and you will successfully manage to substitute butter and full fat cream with lighter and healthier olive oil and ricotta cheese.

You just need to put in a pan some olive oil, garlic and parsley. Let the ingredients brown a little before adding the shrimps. Stir them occasionally and add a pinch of salt, a sprinkle of white wine and some more garlic and parsley during the cooking process.

Once the shrimps are properly cooked, you should add some fresh ricotta. This particular kind of cheese has a very limited amount of fat, hence it is not going to melt in the pan spontaneously creating a smooth and rich cream.

In order to do so, you shall add some water that you can take from the pot where you are cooking your choice of pasta or maybe a little milk. While mixing the ingredients together, add some nutmeg, grated Grana Padano (my favorite parmesan cheese) and if you like some saffron that will make your sauce even tastier.

Pasta with Shrimps and Ricotta Sauce

This creamy shrimp pasta is much lighter than the common Alfredo version but not less tasty.

Once the pasta is ready, mix all the ingredients and serve hot.


  • You can add some olive oil on the top of the pasta before serving it for a delicate touch
  • You can add some lemon zest to the ricotta instead of saffron to have a more delicate taste
  • You can add some crab meat or surimi to have an extra fishy taste

Recipe Corner: Vol-au-vent with prawns and mushroom

One of the most famous appetizers served in restaurant and prepared at home are the ever green vol-au-vent. They were very popular a decade ago in Italy, but they still conserve their role as must to have appetizer in many families. We always prepare them for Easter Sunday lunch celebration. This is the easiest recipe to prepare them.

Vol-au-vent with pawns and mushroom

Time required: 20 mins if you find ready-to-eat Vol-au-vent

Ingredients for 12 vol-au-vent: A pack of ready to eat vol-au-vent (usually there are 12 pieces inside), 25g Porcini mushrooms, 50g prawns, 100g of brie cheese, an handful of Parimigiano (Italian Parmesan cheese), a pinch of nutmeg, parsley and garlic, a bit of olive oil and two spoons of milk.


Cut the mushrooms in small pieces and brown them in a pan with olive oil, parsley and garlic. Do the same with the prawns (save 6 of them for the decoration). Meanwhile put in a pot half of the brie cheese, Parmigiano and milk. Let them melt slowly (preferably in a double boiler) adding the nutmeg and some extra milk if the consistency is too hard and sticky. Add the sauté prawns in the melted cheese and mix them. With a spoon, take a small quantity of the preparation and put it in the ready to eat vol-au-vent. Repeat the same procedure with the mushrooms. On the top of the vol-au-vent add some mushroom and the 6 spare prawns. Once your guests are at your place, just place the 12 vol-au-vent in the hot oven for few minutes and serve them hot. Easy and tasty!!!