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Get UAE work visa from home – coming soon

In a recent meeting, Mr. Saqr Ghobash Saeed Ghobash, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, revealed that soon foreign workers will be able to get their UAE working visa from their home country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) have indeed started making necessary arrangements to enable workers to sign job offers back home and process their work visa and related entry visa at any Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation offshore service centers available in their country.

The new procedure will have several beneficial outcomes as explained by the Minister himself.

“Such cooperation and partnership between both ministries ensures a transparent contractual relation between employers and workers which prevents any attempt to replace any job offers upon the arrival of the worker to the UAE, especially since the first measures required to recruit workers from abroad shall be supervised by the UAE government through the Foreign Affairs and international cooperation Ministry,” Mr. Ghobash said as also reported by KhaleejTimes.

He added: “The fulfillment of the initial contractual agreements within such service centers, according to the newly launched decrees which began earlier this year, has a beneficial outcome on the employers as well, especially since informing the workers about their job offers and its annexes then ensuring getting a signature on the job offer to complete the transaction, falls under the direct responsibility of the employer.”

The Ministry is going to open visa issuing centers abroad according to a plan based on three phases as follows.

UAE work visa phases

The number of overseas offices will be increased from time to time and the start of the third phase is expected to be at end-2016 beginning 2017.

The local newspaper further reports the words of Ahmed Saeed Al Dhahiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Consular Affairs at the Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ministry who said:

“Such centers has a major milestone effect, it will reduce fraud or identity theft cases by verifying the attendee via the passport, in addition to reducing the spread of infectious diseases into the UAE, avoid deportation and medical quarantine costs post the medical examinations which could be done at these centers, also prevent the arrival of foreigners that had already been sentenced to deportation and finally confirm the identity of the person arriving to the UAE through a clear high-quality facial image and an eye-scan done at the center”.

For the other Countries not mentioned in the article, the visa system remains unaltered.


5 Things that you should know to get easily a job in Dubai

If you are actively looking for a job in Dubai or if you simply want to check whether your expertise is really appreciated here or not, you should take in consideration these 5 facts before submitting your CV to a company operating in Dubai.

The success rate of your candidacy strictly depends on your respecting the following advice because your resume will be “scanned” by a recruiter in less than 25 seconds and your future potential Employer will judge you within the first few seconds of the interview.

  1. Include your personal information

Dubai is a very tolerant city and people from all around the world are welcomed to live and work in Dubai. However, there are no specific anti-discrimination laws and your application can be discarded for any reason that the potential Employer deems important. For this reason it is warmly suggested to include your photo, your nationalitydate of birth and gender in your CV.

The presence of these information will increase the success rate of your application for potentially suitable job positions. In fact, it is usual to have job listings in Dubai where a specific gender, age and ethnicity is required.

  1. Create an Impressive Resume

I used to prepare my CV/Resume using the European format that is easily available on internet. However, you should know that in the United Arab Emirates this kind of format is not really appreciated and therefore it should be avoided. It is better to have a simple Word/PDF file structured in this way:

  • Personal details (as mentioned above)
  • Profile or Objective
  • Career Summary
  • Education Summary
  • Courses/Training
  • Languages Skills
  • IT knowledge
  • Personal interests (few words are enough)

In the Career Summary, you should use specific key words that can catch the reader attention and you should describe your achievements instead of a sterile list of duties. Therefore, you had successfully managed something, profitably implemented a new procedure for instance, significantly increased company profits, minimized risk exposure and whatever is applicable to your professional profile and role. Emphasize your success by using appropriate wording without the need to lie.

If you had just added some figures in an Excel table, you hadn’t simply “put figures in Excel” but “contributed to achieve company targets by keeping constantly updated the required software tools” or something that sounds like that.

Your Resume shall also contain a Career Objective section. Few lines where you summarize your achievements, strengths and what are you looking for.

I might provide you with some examples if you require them. Just add a comment to the post.

  1. Upload your Resume in as many websites as you can

It can seem obvious, but most of the time a job seeker just uploads his resume in few websites and then just looks for openings from time to time. I can assure you that this strategy does not work, mainly for two reasons: – Not all the vacancies are publicized online; – You might miss the right opportunity because of the sometimes little flexible search engines.

It is recommended to apply for vacancies directly on the target company website and to write a follow up e-mail to one or more recruiters of that company that you can easily find on LinkedIn. Meanwhile, you should upload your resume (and have the patience to fill in all the required fields) in some of the most know job websites in the Middle East like bayt.com, naukrigulf.com and beyond.com (I have a complete list to share if you need it).

You might want to look for recruiters operating in your industry on LinkedIn and add them to your connections. It will increase your visibility while keeping you updated with possible job openings. Remember to drop a message or e-mail to the person you would like to add and avoid sending the sterile automatic “I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn connection”. Personalize the message with a brief introduction and your goals. I have a list of e-mail addresses related to the construction sector if you need it.

It is important that you continue this activity with a steady pace. You need to penetrate the market and not to give it a shock and then disappear.

Be patient. The first weeks you will most probably receive little feed-backs. After a while you might receive calls and organize interviews easily. After 2/3 months you should finalize something interesting and satisfactory.

  1. Be properly dressed at interviews

I have personally committed this mistake twice and learnt the lesson immediately. When summoned for an interview with a potential Employer in Dubai, you should keep in mind that your look and attire are almost as important as your abilities and skills. The potential Employers need someone with the required skills that can successfully represent the Company in the future.

You shall look professional and trustworthy and therefore a suit, tie and proper shoes are warmly recommended. Jeans and a shirt are not considered a professional attire and therefore you will irremediably compromise your candidacy if showing up at an interview dressed like you are going to have a drink with friends after it.

Let’s put ourselves in the Employer shoes for a second. You receive two candidates with almost the same skills but dressed in different ways. The first looks very professional, with a nice suit, appropriate shoes and tie. The second one looks like he just came from a birthday party. Who would you prefer to have in office working for/with you?

If you are worried to be overdressed, you might want to ask to the HR person that contacted you if there is a dress code to be respected. In this way you will be sure to be properly dressed as required by the company standards.

  1. Know you potential future Employer Mission and field of work 

When looking for a job, it is common to apply for each and every position available in a specific job role without paying much attention about the company field of work or other related information. One of the first question you will be requested to answer is: “why have you decided to contact us?” or, in case a recruiter contacted you, “why have you decided to accept our interview request? Which characteristic of our Company do you like most?”

In the United Arab Emirates, it is very appreciated to have a team player, someone that believes in the Vision and Mission of the company and that is enthusiastic to have the opportunity to work with them. If you let your potential Employer feel that you are desperately looking for a job and that you don’t care much about the company but you are focusing only on the salary at the end of the month, you could be easily discarded.

These few recommendations helped me in getting a lot of calls from Recruiters and Companies and to organize several interviews. Eventually I managed to find the right opportunity and get the job I wanted.

Last thing to consider: during Ramadan (this year from around 18 June to 18 July) and the summer (June to September), the market is almost closed. The best periods seem to be autumn and spring.

If you need further information or you need an experienced advice on your Resume, please leave your contact details as a comment or send me an e-mail.