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Superb Dinner at ‘La Traviata’ – Jebel Ali Golf Resort – Jebel Ali

The last time I have been at ‘La Traviata’ was almost 3 years ago and was positively surprised when one of the managers remembered me. I used to be a frequent guest of the restaurant despite the fact that it takes around 25 minutes by car to reach the resort from JLT area and there are no clubs or other entertainments/clubs available around.

La Traviata Entrance

La Traviata – Pure Italian

The welcome was really warm and unexpected as already said and I had the pleasure to notice that the appetizer buffet was still provided for dinner. We opted for the buffet option and then a ‘Ravioli di Zucca’ (Pumpkin stuffed ravioli) and a braised lamb shank with wheat rice and pesto. The buffet was excellent as I remembered it was. Cheese, cold cuts, salads, small appetizers, pickles and homemade vegetable jars, bread and many other things where available.

La Traviata Aperitivi

My selection of delicacies from the buffet available at La Traviata.

We stuffed ourselves with the delicious food available in nice table positioned at the center of the restaurant and had to force us to stop eating in order to save some room for the mains we have ordered.

The ravioli were nice even though not really wow. The lamb shank was, on the contrary, superb. The meat was tender and mouth-melting and the wheat rice with pesto was an excellent combination. It came with some polenta and the portion is big enough to satisfy anyone with a certain appetite.

You might want to renounce to an appetizer if you are planning to go for it.

La Traviata Lamb Shank

The Braised Lamb Shank at La Traviata was excellent.