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Late breakfast at ‘La Brioche’, Jumeirah Rd – Dubai

We passed in front of La Brioche restaurant in Jumeirah Rd many times while driving towards one of our favorite beaches like Kite Beach or the public one close to the Sailing Club. Last week-end we were looking for a place on the way to the beach to enjoy a quick breakfast before ‘roasting’ under the powerful Dubai’s sun and we decided to give this restaurant a try.

When we arrived at 12pm the place was packed with people and we had to wait few minutes before getting a table for two. The waiter was brilliant and really friendly and served us greatly during the almost one hour breakfast we had. We ordered some poached eggs with salmon a coffee and a juice and some chocolate croissant as desserts.

While waiting for our mains, we had some extremely good freshly baked bread that we enjoyed with butter and jam. The coffee was reasonably good and the juice as well.

La Brioche bread basket

I couldn’t resist and had all the bread basket before my coffee arrived.

The main dish was great. The eggs were good and were accompanied by a good amount of sautéed mushrooms, two chicken sausages (that were very good compared to the average) and some veal bacon and grilled cherry tomatoes.

La Brioche Breakfast

Our breakfast included eggs, sausages, mushrooms, coffee and a juice. Good portions and quality.

We enjoyed the food that was simple but very tasty. Keep in mind that the portions are quite big and we ended up struggling to finish our chocolate croissant. Next time we will try to resist the temptation to eat all the basket of bread with butter and jam and enjoy something else from the rich menu.

La Brioche Mini Chocolate croissant

Nothing special about La Brioche croissants. Next time I will try something different.


Restaurant Review: Golositalia, JLT – Dubai

For the Croissant Lovers, a stop at Golositalia is a must. It is conveniently located in Cluster C, close to JLT Metro Station. The chocolate croissant is superb with its Nutella filling even though the apricot jam one is not less good.

We have been there for breakfast many times already but always opted for the delicate and buttery taste of the croissants.

Last Friday we went there for a quick breakfast and decided to change our routine. We were starving and we ordered an eggs based breakfast that was supposed to come with bread, butter, mini croissants, sausages, bacon and many other things. The price was very competitive, just 55 AED per person and was including also a juice and a coffee. We were skeptical about the real dimension of the breakfast since we had previous bad experiences in other restaurants where we got almost nothing to eat for more than 80 AED.

The waiter firstly came with bread and croissant, juice and coffee. The pastries were excellent as well as the bread. Just the jam selection wasn’t as wow as hoped.

Since we were famished, we consumed almost the entire bucket of bread when the eggs were brought to our table. The plates were heavy loaded with really good food: eggs, hash brown, two chicken sausages (that were tasting incredibly good to be chicken based) and bacon.

Golositalia Breakfast

Golositalia Breakfast is massive and of good quality

The service is alright with a polite crew but not always attentive. The major problem of the restaurant is that a part of it has a problem with the air conditioning, hence it is very hot in there especially around noon time and with the restaurant packed of people.