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Superb Dinner at ‘La Traviata’ – Jebel Ali Golf Resort – Jebel Ali

The last time I have been at ‘La Traviata’ was almost 3 years ago and was positively surprised when one of the managers remembered me. I used to be a frequent guest of the restaurant despite the fact that it takes around 25 minutes by car to reach the resort from JLT area and there are no clubs or other entertainments/clubs available around.

La Traviata Entrance

La Traviata – Pure Italian

The welcome was really warm and unexpected as already said and I had the pleasure to notice that the appetizer buffet was still provided for dinner. We opted for the buffet option and then a ‘Ravioli di Zucca’ (Pumpkin stuffed ravioli) and a braised lamb shank with wheat rice and pesto. The buffet was excellent as I remembered it was. Cheese, cold cuts, salads, small appetizers, pickles and homemade vegetable jars, bread and many other things where available.

La Traviata Aperitivi

My selection of delicacies from the buffet available at La Traviata.

We stuffed ourselves with the delicious food available in nice table positioned at the center of the restaurant and had to force us to stop eating in order to save some room for the mains we have ordered.

The ravioli were nice even though not really wow. The lamb shank was, on the contrary, superb. The meat was tender and mouth-melting and the wheat rice with pesto was an excellent combination. It came with some polenta and the portion is big enough to satisfy anyone with a certain appetite.

You might want to renounce to an appetizer if you are planning to go for it.

La Traviata Lamb Shank

The Braised Lamb Shank at La Traviata was excellent.


Meet your eggspectations

During the weekend we like trying different breakfast places before dedicate some hours to some of our hobbies or just relaxing at the beach or pool. Now the weather in Dubai is particularly nice and therefore eating out is more and more enjoyable.

We like ‘The Beach Mall’ in Jumeirah Beach Residence that actually isn’t a mall but a well-organized promenade with a lot of restaurants, some shops and a cinema. Among the various breakfast options available we decide to give a try to eggspectations.

The place was literally packed and we had to wait a considerable 30 minutes before a very busy person showed us a finally free table.

Eggspectations Dubai

Eggspectation at sunset. It is close to the beach and to the cinema.

The crew was really prepared and managed our order and repeated changes of table (from outside to inside and then from our table to a friend’s one) without committing a mistake or loosing any part of the order. We were starving but willing to eat something not too heavy.

I opted for a vegetarian crepe filled with extra eggs and cheese and a fruit platter. Both were superb, especially the crepe that I found exceeding my eggspectations 🙂 The crepe was so good that I couldn’t resist and finished it before realizing I haven’t taken another photo of the same.

Eggspectation Crepe

The crepe was excellent and came with some salad on the side.

 The fruit platter was good and proposed strawberries, pineapple, apples, kiwi and grapes already washed and cut. At the end of the meal, I ordered a single espresso and was surprisingly good. I felt almost home with the classic Italian espresso fragrance.

Eggspectation coffe set

I have particularly liked the coffee set at Eggspectation.

Late breakfast at ‘La Brioche’, Jumeirah Rd – Dubai

We passed in front of La Brioche restaurant in Jumeirah Rd many times while driving towards one of our favorite beaches like Kite Beach or the public one close to the Sailing Club. Last week-end we were looking for a place on the way to the beach to enjoy a quick breakfast before ‘roasting’ under the powerful Dubai’s sun and we decided to give this restaurant a try.

When we arrived at 12pm the place was packed with people and we had to wait few minutes before getting a table for two. The waiter was brilliant and really friendly and served us greatly during the almost one hour breakfast we had. We ordered some poached eggs with salmon a coffee and a juice and some chocolate croissant as desserts.

While waiting for our mains, we had some extremely good freshly baked bread that we enjoyed with butter and jam. The coffee was reasonably good and the juice as well.

La Brioche bread basket

I couldn’t resist and had all the bread basket before my coffee arrived.

The main dish was great. The eggs were good and were accompanied by a good amount of sautéed mushrooms, two chicken sausages (that were very good compared to the average) and some veal bacon and grilled cherry tomatoes.

La Brioche Breakfast

Our breakfast included eggs, sausages, mushrooms, coffee and a juice. Good portions and quality.

We enjoyed the food that was simple but very tasty. Keep in mind that the portions are quite big and we ended up struggling to finish our chocolate croissant. Next time we will try to resist the temptation to eat all the basket of bread with butter and jam and enjoy something else from the rich menu.

La Brioche Mini Chocolate croissant

Nothing special about La Brioche croissants. Next time I will try something different.

Worst lunch ever at First Avenue Cafe Oud Metha – Dubai

Some colleagues of mine and myself have already tried almost all the restaurants available in Oud Metha at a walk-able distance from our office. We have found 2 – 3 options that suit our taste and budget including 2 Lebanese restaurant and a Modern Bakery shop where we usually get our daily lunch.

After several months of eating almost the same thing every day, we come to know that a cafe restaurant was available in ‘Home r Us’ showroom and decided to give it a try. We had quite high expectations and were hoping to finally find an alternative option to the daily lunch routine.

First Avenue Cafe Oud Metha

First avenue cafe placemat

We were welcomed and offered the menu immediately and quickly asked some further information to the waiter that looked very confused. I asked for a breakfast item and he said it wasn’t available while the menu showed a clear “served all day” notice. He apologized smiling and took my omelette order, I had to add cheese and mushroom (and pay extra for those) since the omelette in the menu was just plain eggs. I asked some hummus and had to fight to get it because the waiter said “it is only available if you order a main breakfast item”. I spare you the 5 minutes discussion I had to entertain with two people (an additional waitress came to help her colleague) in order to let them understand that I was wiling to pay for it the price indicated in the menu.

My colleague ordered a simple Swiss Mushroom and Cheese burger.

After 15 minutes I received my order but they forgot to bring bread for the hummus. Never mind I thought and started eating the omelette that was made with almost raw and crunchy-tasteless mushrooms. By the time I had my omelette and ate half of the hummus with the fork, they brought some bread and my colleague’s burger, 35 minutes after placing our order.

First Avenue Cafe Omelette

The omelette at First Avenue Cafe is alright even though the additional mushroom I requested were of bad quality

He gave the first bite to the burger and got a bad surprise. The burger patty was as hard as a stone. Puzzled he opened the burger and tried to cut it with the cutlery and could manage to do it after applying a considerable amount of energy. He called the waiter that wasn’t able to handle the situation and was seriously debating with himself whether to charge anyway our bill with the cost of the burger.

We requested to talk with the manager that was absent as well as any kind of supervisor.

I came there a second time and can say that the place is good if you order something already prepared. Pizzas looked good as well but sandwiches and other mains prepared on the spot should be avoided.

Casual Dining at PQ Marina Mall – Dubai Marina

The abbreviation PQ stands for Le Pain Quotidien (Daily Bread), a famous chain that offers freshly baked bread and pastries other than breakfast and other dining options.

We were at Marina Mall for some shopping and decided to have dinner in one of the many restaurants available. Among the various options, we decided to stop at PQ, one of our favorite breakfast places.

We were famished and ordered what sounded like a massive Italian appetizer, a quiche Lorraine and some chicken with veggies.

The staff quickly brought us the appetizer, a cheese and bresaola platter with yogurt, olives and olive paste, sweet melon and focaccia bread. Unfortunately, what we have received was completely different from our expectations. We had only one thick slice of bresaola (that generally shall be served in thin portions otherwise it is tough) and some minimal parmesan shavings.  Way too little to be called a bresaola and cheese platter.

Tuscany Platter at PQ

The Tuscany platter was alright. One thick slice of bresaola beef and some parmesan shavings weren’t really enough

Focaccia bread and olives were good as well as the slive of melon and the yogurt/spreadable cheese. We run out bread quickly and asked for some more. The waitress was prompt in satisfying our requests but the bread we received was dry and tough; a clear indication that wasn’t freshly backed or cut but ready on the plate since morning.

The quiche wasn’t bad. It came with some salad and roasted potatoes that actually were superb.

Quiche Lorraine at PQ

The Quiche was alright. It came with some salad and roasted potatoes

The chicken options chosen by my partner was nice as well. Unfortunately the photo I took is so blurry that I felt ashamed in posting it and decided to not do it.

PQ remains a superb option for eggs and omelettes, pastries and many other dishes but definitely I won’t order again the bresaola and cheese platter.

warm salmon miso soba

Alternative Lunch at Tom & Serg, Al Quoz – Dubai    

I have been many times at Tom&Serg for breakfast and enjoyed the eggs options and wraps.

The menu doesn’t offer many options as in other restaurants but I have always found something nice to have. The short menu has a positive side though. You are sure that your meal is prepared with the freshest ingredients available since the turnover is so high that the salad leaf in your plate had not time to wither in the restaurant refrigerator.

This time we went there for lunch, at around 1.30 pm and had to wait 10 minutes before getting a table. The restaurant, as usual, was packed with people. The furniture is very basic with visible HVAC ducts and other services pipelines visible and a warehouse look like style. Not that much effort to put together the shop I guess, not like other fancy restaurants that spent a fortune in decorating walls and ceilings, but it seems working well.

Tom & Serg minimal furniture

Tom & Serg Style is very minimal. A warehouse concept restaurant that is very popular.

Two of my friends took the soup of the day, a huge plate filled with a carrot and lentil soup served with a slice of toasted bread. They said it was good even though they struggled to finish it because the portion was very abundant.

I didn’t want to eat the usual things like wraps or eggs and I opted for something unusual: warm salmon miso soba with boiled eggs, bok choy, tofu, edamame, garlic, soy dressing, wakame and other green stuff.

warm salmon miso soba

Excellent combination of flavors in this Japanese style recipe. I’d had removed the boiled eggs though.

The meal was excellently balanced. The right amount of soy sauce and a great mix of edamame and seaweed gives to the soba noodles dish the right Japanese touch. I know that the boiled eggs look like out of place in that mix of ingredients but it wasn’t that terrible. Just pay attention to the coriander leafs if you don’t particularly like its taste. Luckily it is added at the top of the plate and it can be easily removed.

Business Lunch at Al Erzal, Oud Metha – Dubai

Our office is conveniently located close to Oud Metha Metro station, allowing me to use the public transportation to daily commute and avoid the stress of driving during peak hours for half a hour. Oud Metha is a quiet neighborhood where schools, offices and cultural centers find an ideal location where to settle their businesses but it lacks a fundamental thing: sufficient dining options at a walk-able distance.

From my office, I can easily walk to two Indian restaurant (and I am not such a big fan of Indian cuisine), a little kiosk in the metro station, Subways and Modern Bakery shop.  since the last three offer just sandwiches and salads (and sometimes not of the best quality), it took just few weeks to have us sick and tired of the usual routine.

While sometimes I bring my food from home, most of the days I prefer to leave the office and relax with some freshly made, preferably hot, meals. After some research, we found a recently opened lebanese/levantine restaurant that offers good deals for lunch. The offer includes lentil soup, fresh vegetables and a daily dish for a modest 35 AED that rises to 50 AED if shisha is included.

The management is super friendly and attentive and the food is generally of decent quality. The only problem we usually encounter is linked with the slow service and long waiting time for the food to be prepared and served if ordered ‘a la carte’.

We overcame the problem by ordering our meal by phone 15 minutes before actually going to the restaurant. In this way the meal is quickly served as soon as we sit at the table. Shisha is also good.

Al Erzal borgoul

This chickpeas and wheat meal was excellent.

Al Erzal Chicken with Rice

One of the most common daily dish at Al Erzal is chicken with rice. This time it came with eggplants topping.

Al Erzal green beans and meat

The green beans and meat sauce is excellent if combined with rice.

The meat balls and tomato sauce are alright even though not really wow.

The meat balls and tomato sauce are alright even though not really wow.

Al Erzal wine leaves and meat

This Levantine cuisine dish was superb. Stuffed wine leaves with meat.