Breaking news: UFO in Dubai!

A woman residing in Dubai claims to have seen a UFO (unidentified flying object) flying over Burj Khalifa while collecting something through what appears to be a light beam.

She was driving on Al Khail Road when she took a photo of the well known Burj Khalifa just to release few seconds later that she was able to frame the at the moment ongoing extra terrestrial activity.

“I’m sure it’s a UFO. If you look at the shape of the object and the beam that’s shooting down, you can tell it’s a spaceship. They probably have visited us before many times but they have the ability to be visible or become invisible when they wish” she told at 7DAYS, a local daily.

UFO in Dubai

“aliens were looking to study the human race” the witness said to 7DAYS journalist.

 Even though the witness is sure to have proved what NASA has been trying to cover for decades, Mr. Hasan Ahmad Al Hariri, CEO of the Dubai Astronomy Group, said that a lighting glitch probably occurred because of a lamppost and the speed of the car as the picture was taken.

Hariri said: “It’s very obvious that the appearance of the light near the Burj Khalifa appeared because of a light pole and the fast speed the car was moving at.”

Who is right? The scientist or the witness?


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