Worst lunch ever at First Avenue Cafe Oud Metha – Dubai

Some colleagues of mine and myself have already tried almost all the restaurants available in Oud Metha at a walk-able distance from our office. We have found 2 – 3 options that suit our taste and budget including 2 Lebanese restaurant and a Modern Bakery shop where we usually get our daily lunch.

After several months of eating almost the same thing every day, we come to know that a cafe restaurant was available in ‘Home r Us’ showroom and decided to give it a try. We had quite high expectations and were hoping to finally find an alternative option to the daily lunch routine.

First Avenue Cafe Oud Metha

First avenue cafe placemat

We were welcomed and offered the menu immediately and quickly asked some further information to the waiter that looked very confused. I asked for a breakfast item and he said it wasn’t available while the menu showed a clear “served all day” notice. He apologized smiling and took my omelette order, I had to add cheese and mushroom (and pay extra for those) since the omelette in the menu was just plain eggs. I asked some hummus and had to fight to get it because the waiter said “it is only available if you order a main breakfast item”. I spare you the 5 minutes discussion I had to entertain with two people (an additional waitress came to help her colleague) in order to let them understand that I was wiling to pay for it the price indicated in the menu.

My colleague ordered a simple Swiss Mushroom and Cheese burger.

After 15 minutes I received my order but they forgot to bring bread for the hummus. Never mind I thought and started eating the omelette that was made with almost raw and crunchy-tasteless mushrooms. By the time I had my omelette and ate half of the hummus with the fork, they brought some bread and my colleague’s burger, 35 minutes after placing our order.

First Avenue Cafe Omelette

The omelette at First Avenue Cafe is alright even though the additional mushroom I requested were of bad quality

He gave the first bite to the burger and got a bad surprise. The burger patty was as hard as a stone. Puzzled he opened the burger and tried to cut it with the cutlery and could manage to do it after applying a considerable amount of energy. He called the waiter that wasn’t able to handle the situation and was seriously debating with himself whether to charge anyway our bill with the cost of the burger.

We requested to talk with the manager that was absent as well as any kind of supervisor.

I came there a second time and can say that the place is good if you order something already prepared. Pizzas looked good as well but sandwiches and other mains prepared on the spot should be avoided.


1 thought on “Worst lunch ever at First Avenue Cafe Oud Metha – Dubai

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